Pool,  Sungate

Plans to Open Pool in 2020

Many of you have been wondering how the Covid-19 pandemic will impact Sungate Pool.

As of April 24, 2020, our tentative plan is to open the pool on Memorial Day weekend. 

Our pool manager has been in communication with the City of Tulsa and the Tulsa County Health Department regarding any restrictions and recommended precautions that will need to be taken.  

We will work closely with local city leaders and health department officials to implement all safety measures recommended to us in order to keep our members and staff safe.

Our normal pool season consists of approximately 100 days. If the pool opening is to be delayed, then we plan to extend the season to provide our members with a full pool season. 

We understand that we may have to change our plans as the summer gets under way. We will provide updates on our website as well as our social media accounts. 

As with other small businesses, it is important to us that we open our gates for summer. Our hope is that you will continue to support us as one of your favorite local businesses.

Sungate Pool membership fees have not changed this year and we hope you will join us. Membership applications are available on our website at sungateliving.com/pool-memberships.

Thank you for your continued support of Sungate Pool.