Now Accepting Pool Memberships: Early Bird Pricing Ends May 1

Sungate Pool is now accepting memberships for the 2019 pool season. Membership prices remain the same as last year and memberships are available for families of any size. Anyone is the Tulsa area may join us as an Associate Member.

Sungate residents must pay their neighborhood association dues before joining the pool or visiting as a guest.

Sungate offers the longest pool season in town, with special family swim events and great amenities such as access to grills and free wi-fi. Enjoy our water-park slide, cover picnic tables, large fenced baby pool area, top-notch lifeguards and family-friendly atmosphere.

    Associate Memberships

Associate Family of Two$250
Associate Family of Three$275
Associate Family of Four$300
Associate Family of Five$325
Associate Family of Six$350
Associate Family of Seven$375
Associate Family of Eight$400

     Sungate Resident Memberships

Resident Family of Two$110
Resident Family of Three$130
Resident Family of Four$150
Resident Family of Five$170
Resident Family of Six$190
Resident Family of Seven$210
Resident Family of Eight$230