Pool Parties

The Sungate Pool is available to rent. Whether you are looking to host a private party or a non-private party, we have everything you need.

Private parties are held outside normal operating hours and non-private parties are held while we are open. Because non-private parties impact our members, we require party hosts to be members. There is also a maximum of 50 guests allowed for non-private parties.

Rental Policy

All pool parties will be scheduled by the Pool Manager or the Assistant Pool Manager.

All parties must include a responsible adult. All persons in the party must abide by the Sungate Pool Rules of Conduct and to the terms specified in the Pool Rental Agreement.

Deposit Required
A deposit for party rental is due at the time of booking. We accept cash, checks and credit cards.

Deposit of $100 for private parties and $75 for non-private parties is required.

Deposit Return Policy
Deposits will be returned with at least 10 days of notification by the pool member who signed this agreement that the party is being cancelled. Deposits will be returned in case of inclement weather or unavoidable emergencies unless the party has already started then there will be a prorated amount returned.

Private Pool Parties

Private parties are reserved for Sungate members only, non-profit organizations and local businesses. We do not allow sub-rentals, individuals are not allowed to charge party guests to attend.

All private parties will be scheduled outside of normal operating pool hours. Parties are held on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Mondays are available for groups over 100 guests or to those who want to pay the price for 100 guests.

Two-hour minimum for all parties. Parties over two-hour minimum will be charged for additional time used. There is no FREE setup or cleanup time. After 10 minutes you will be charged $20 for every additional 10 minutes your guests are in the pool area.

The number in the party and the number of hours the pool is used determines rental fees. All guests in the pool area (swimming or not) will be counted in the total number of guests which determines the final cost for the party.

Non-Private Pool Parties

Non-private parties are reserved for Sungate members only. Non-private parties are to be scheduled during regular pool hours on approved days.

All non-private parties include party area with reserved tables for two (2) hours during normal operating hours. Non-private parties are first come, first serve, and must be reserved seven (7) days in advance.