Neighborhood Association

Sungate Neighbors, Inc. was founded to help keep our neighborhood nice and to make it an enjoyable place to live. Sungate Neighbors, Inc., also called SNI, is the name of our homeowner’s association.

Homeowners in Sungate benefit most when they join the neighborhood association. Property values, as well as a friendly neighborhood community, are important to all of us and participation is vital to maintaining and improving Sungate.

Sungate Neighbors, Inc. maintains the park, the landscaped entrances to Sungate and the other neighborhood maintenance issues. Your annual dues provide the funding for this maintenance.

SNI dues are voluntarily. Around 250 homeowners pay their dues, out of approximately 563 homes, or 45% participation.

SNI does not collect dues for past years. All it takes for you to be current is to pay this year’s dues and to become a full participating member in SNI.  Being an association member helps keep the neighborhood looking good.

Ways to Pay Your Dues

Dues are collected year round for the current calendar year. Annual memberships dues paid during the year expire on December 31 and are due again January 1 of each year.

Pay by Mail

Fill out the Sungate Neighbors Inc. Annual Dues Form and either drop off at the pool office or mail it, along with a check for $130 payable to Sungate Neighbors, Inc., to 5358 South 70th East Place, Tulsa, OK, 74145.

Pay Online

We use Square to process payments safely online. Click the button below to visit our Square Store where you can pay the 2024 dues $134.07 ($130 plus processing fee $4.07).

You will be asked to provide your Sungate property address when adding dues to your store cart. You can still pay your 2023 dues of $101.14 ($98 plus processing fee $3.14) online.

Sungate Boundaries

The Sungate boundaries are roughly South of 51st Street; East of Sheridan Road; West of 74th East Avenue; and North of 56th Place (Sheridan to 68th E Ave),  North of 56th Street (68th E Ave to 72nd E Ae), and North of 57th Street (72nd E Ave to 74th E Ave).  It does not include the homes that front 57th Street, between 72nd E Ave and Sheridan Road.