General Info & Rules

ENTRY PROCEDURE: All members of Sungate Pool and their families will be required to check in at the pool gatehouse and have their membership verified.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Associated Pool Memberships are available to anyone in the Tulsa community. Resident Pool Memberships are available to those who live inside the Sungate and Van-field Additions and are current on their SNI dues. Review Sungate boundaries.

GUEST FEES: $5 per day per person: Guests must come in and leave with a pool member. Maximum five guests per visit without prior approval from pool manager.

LIMITED MEMBERSHIPS: $40 each and available at pool office (Sungate residents only) and includes 10 visits.

RED CARD: $40 each and available at pool office, includes 10 visits that  may be used by a family guest. All current pool members may purchase a Red Card.

MISCELLANEOUS: Baby-sitters will be allowed the use of the pool without charge when they are acting as a responsible Guardian and are 16 years of age or older. The baby-sitter’s name must be listed on the membership form. A baby-sitter, who is a pool member, may bring children to the pool who are not members, but must pay a guest fee for each child. The baby-sitter’s primary role is to observe and protect the safety and well being of the child or children he/she is entrusted with while at the Sungate Pool.

REFUNDS: Prorated refunds of Pool Memberships will be considered by SNI Board of Directors when a resident family moves from the address shown on their application to a location outside Tulsa during the pool season.

RENTAL: The pool is available for rental, by pool members. No parties will be scheduled during regular pool hours, or on Mondays, except by special arrangements with the Pool Manager. Sungate Pool Rules of Conduct will apply in addition to the terms specified in the Pool Rental Agreement. The number in the Party and the number of hours the pool is used determines rental fees. See the Pool Manager or Assistant Manager for details.

The resident persons in my household may include a responsible baby-sitter (16 or older) and minor children, not living in the household. Age must be listed for all minors; adults over 21 need not list their age.

Rules at the Pool

When visiting the pool, please observe these basic rules.

  1. When visiting the pool, please observe these basic rules.
  2. No running, pushing, jumping or other unsafe acts.
  3. No alcoholic beverages or glass containers.
  4. All accounts must be reported to the pool manager.
  5. No loitering in the entrance or concession areas.
  6. People with open wounds or communicable diseases are not to use the pool.
  7. No tobacco products of any kind.

Big Pool

  1. Non-swimmers are not allowed in the deep end beyond the safety line.
  2. No swimming aids are allowed in the deep end except with lifeguard approved.
  3. No hanging onto or playing with the safety lines.

Baby Pool

  1. Lifeguards are not responsible for the baby pool.
  2. The baby pool is restricted to non-swimmers and children must be less that 6 years of age except with lifeguard approval.
  3. All children in the baby pool must be accompanied by an adult.
  4. All babies must wear swim diapers.

Diving Boards

  1. Only one person at a time is allowed on the diving board.
  2. Divers must wait until their target area is clear before diving.
  3. No diving or jumping is allowed from the side of the diving board.
  4. After diving, divers must swim to the nearest side or ladder to exit.