Construction at the Pool

As you may know, we are contuniously making improvements to the pool. After all, it is our most valuable asset and a major source of revenue. The Sungate Neighbors, Inc. Board of Directors approved the pool area expanation project in January. 

The project included removing the existing concrete brick wall that lined up with the back of the pool house building and rebuild it where it lines up with the front of the building. 

This opens up the space to the south of the concession stand to the pool deck area and provides more space for guests. 

Why do we need more space? When pool staff provides large meals for members, the space allows for a food service area without taking up space typically used by members around the pool.

This additional space provides a dedicated area to host parties outside of normal pool hours and also during regular hours of operation. We estimate an increase in pool party revenue with this small improvement. More revenue means more profit for projects like the boundary wall or routine neighborhood maintainence.