Updates for Opening Day

Welcome to Sungate!
It is our goal to make sure that every member receives the highest value from their membership and has an excellent experience at Sungate. 

Limit Number of Memberships
We had a record number of families join Sungate last year. We will reduce the number of memberships we offer this year, but we have not yet determined what that limit will be.

Increased Cleaning Protocols
Additional cleaning steps are being implemented. These extra measures include wiping down chairs and tables between guests whenever possible as well as sanitizing restrooms multiple times per day. We also have hand sanitizing stations outside the restrooms and at the baby pool access gate.

Despite these extra cleaning measures, we understand everyone has a different level of risk and concern, so we are also providing disinfecting products for your use.

Front Gate Check-In
We have a new check-in system and we are asking everyone to stop at the front gate and check-in every time they visit. This new system allows us to track how many people have entered the pool facility. It also lets us track how many people have left. It is not necessary to stop and check out.

Each family will receive a new membership card and lanyard as well as any extra cards/lanyards that have been purchased. These cards help speed up the check in process, but you do not need to have your card in order to check in. Just give your name at the front gate.

Pool Access and Limitations
We don’t anticipate the need to restrict member usage or access to the pool except in very rare situations.

The health department recommendation during the current reopening phase is to restrict swimmers to half bather load.

We have mentioned that our half bather load is about 120, that is just swimmers in the big pool. That number doesn’t include the deck area and baby pool area. We estimate that half of our overall facility maximum capacity is approximately 275 people. We do not expect to reach this number except maybe at our special events.

If COVID-19 cases continue to decline in Tulsa, we except the city to move into the next reopening phase in early June, and we may see bather load restrictions lightened or lifted at that time.

We will be closely monitoring pool attendance through our new check-in system and will be posting the occupancy percentage numbers on our website. Look for that information in the right-hand side of any page, just under the big picture. We hope this gives our members helpful information to make the best choice for their family when visiting the pool.

We are still preparing a plan to limit total occupancy only if we absolutely need it. This plan might involve issuing a wristband to each family as they enter as a way to track arrival times. And then we may ask that families who have been at the pool for 3 hours or more to consider concluding their visit so others may enter. 

We will never force our members to leave the pool prematurely, and we do not intend to turn anyone away at the gate. Sungate has the best members and we believe that courtesy and kindness will help us get through this all.