Dues Payment Options

Sungate would like to make it easier to pay your annual association dues. We are exploring a payment plan option that would allow residents to opt in to pay installments rather than one lump sum. 

We hope that a payment plan would encourage more residents to participant in the Sungate neighborhood association. The plan will make paying dues more equitable among those on fixed incomes and those who simply don’t have a lot of extra funds to pays dues all at once. 

Here’s how it might work. Residents can opt-in by signing up either online or by paper form. Residents would get an electronic invoice by email, where they will be able to set up their choice of payment on our secure payment system. It can be set to automatically pay upon invoice or left as manual payment. The system takes debit and credit cards, as well as checking account transfers. 

The payment plan will most likely be offered as 4-installments of approximately $25. Three payments will need to be received in order to join the pool. Residents can still chose to pay dues in one payment, at the beginning of the year or with their pool membership. 

By offering a payment plan option, we hope to see more Sungate homeowners support our neighborhood maintenance initiatives and improvement projects.

Check our website for more details before you pay your dues for 2022.