Annual Meeting & Upcoming Projects

It’s time for the annual Sungate Neighbors, Inc. membership meeting. 

We hope you will join us to discuss important Sungate business and to hear about all that is going on with your neighborhood association. 

Meet the SNI board members, hear committee reports, review SNI financials, and learn about upcoming projects. 

Please plan to join us on Monday, November 8, at 6:30 p.m. 

Upcoming Projects

As usual, SNI has plans to make a few improvements around the pool in the off seaason this year. This year is no exception.
It may finally be time to put up a roof over the expanded party deck area. 

Another big project involves an area not realted to the pool. A section of boundary wall needs to be replaced along 51st Street but this time we’d like to use the type of material we want to switch to. 

Come to the Annual Membership Meeting on November 8 to find out move about the roofing project at the pool and the new boundary fence  we have planned. 

Help Needed for Projects

Sungate will be embarking on some construction and roofing project soon. 

We are looking to hire a framing crew and could use some advice and direction. 

If you are a Sungate residents with framing experience who are interested in getting involve with upcoming projects, we’d love to hear from you. 

Visit our website for more information and a form to sign up.