Neighborhood Covenants

We’ve had lots of questions about the Sungate covenants recently, and it seems that perhaps we should spell out some details about the covenants for general understanding.

Covenants, in the form of a document and a Plat, were written by the developers of Sungate to guide the building and occupation of the properties they were developing. 

It consists of nine pages including an addendum that requires underground utilities and dedicates easements to be used for these utilities.

These documents were filed with the county on June 7, 1963 as SUNGATE ADDITION DEED OF DEDICATION AND RESTRICTIVE COVENANTS.

They are binding on the “undersigned owners and on all persons claiming under the owner until January 1, 1993 after which time said covenants shall be deemed automatically extended for successive periods of 10 years.” They are still in effect today.

There is not enough room to reprint the covenants in the newsletter, there are no real surprises in this document. 

It covers such things as fence height (6’ limit) and building setback lines, square feet of floor area of house, minimum roof slope, it limits offensive trade or activity, and requires that no cattle, horses, swine or poultry are allowed.  

It requires that all houses have 50% or more of the outside first floor wall area covered by stone or masonry. No outbuildings can be used as residences, and no previously used homes can be moved onto a lot in Sungate. Pretty standard stuff in 1963. Still is, for that matter.

If you want a copy of the covenants, look for the packet of documents you received when you bought your house.  You probably have a copy since you agreed to abide by them when you signed the deed at closing. 

You can also go the assessor’s office at the county courthouse and request a copy of the document #153882, Plat #2468. Some of the records are online at