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  • Sungate

    Construction at the Pool

    As you may know, we are contuniously making improvements to the pool. After all, it is our most valuable asset and a major source of revenue. The Sungate Neighbors, Inc. Board of Directors approved the pool area expanation project in January.  The project included removing the existing concrete brick wall that lined up with the back of the pool house building and rebuild it where it lines up with the front of the building.  This opens up the space to the south of the concession stand to the pool deck area and provides more space for guests.  Why do we need more space? When pool staff provides large meals for…

  • Sungate

    Boundary Wall: Research and History

    Due to the on-going discussion about the boundary wall around the Sungate addition, some new ideas have surfaced, and the Board has begun  to develope the fundraising process. We have identified a resident who has agreed to lead the Sungate Boundary Wall Project. Ben Moyer has considerable background in construction and will be able to manage the construction of the wall when funds have been raised.  We are still considering building the wall in three phases. Phase One: along Sheridan, Phase Two: along 51st between the Farm and S 70th E Place, and Phase Three: along 51st street from S 70th E Place to 74th E Avenue. We intend to…

  • Sungate

    Seeking feedback regarding the wall

    This survey was developed to gather valuable feedback from Sungate residents regarding which direction to take regarding the neighborhood perimeter wall. Every year, the Sungate Neighbors, Inc. (SNI) spends about $10,000 on repairs to the wall. Replacement of the wall is being considered, however the complete cost could reach upwards of $500,000 depending on the type and height of the new wall. This survey is anonymous. Please only one survey response per household.

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    President’s Letter 2017

    Our annual meeting is coming up this week so it seems like a good time to reflect on all the things that have been happening around the neighborhood. The final financial figures for 2017 are not yet complete, but I can tell you that your association is in a solid financial position to begin next year. We have increased the pool membership and the association memberships have increased as well, over last year. The board of directors decided on a two-phase increase in the HOA membership dues at the beginning of the 2016 year, and in spite of increasing the dues by $10 per year we increased our participation over…

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    Letter from Sungate President

    We will have the annual meeting of Sungate Members on November 15 and all residents are encouraged to attend. It rarely lasts more than an hour, and we will discuss several topics that may be of interest to you: 1. We are thinking about changing the fee schedule for the pool and also for Sungate dues. 2. We are trying to decide what to do about the entrance island at 55th Street; in particular removing the Bradford pear trees has been a topic. 3. We are still interested in getting started with replacing the boundary wall around Sungate. We need some help raising funds for this project. If you have…